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Mark Refrigerated Dryer (MDS Series 17l/s to 433l/s)


As part of any compressed air installation, it's critical to consider the complete compressed air system's air quality, including moister. If you do not consider how to manage moister in your compressed air system, you will encounter problems with condensate and water in the piping network. Mark compressor has a range of compressed air dryer solutions to choose from, including refrigerant dryer and desiccant dryers.

Ensuring that you have the right pressure dew point in your compressed air installation is critical to ensure your products' quality and protect your piping system and end equipment. How does condensate come in my compressed air? It has to do with several factors; firstly, when air is compressed, the ambient condensate cannot be compressed and becomes liquefied, and as a result, the relative humidity of compressed air will go up.