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ATLAS COPCO MULTIBRAND - MARK - Oil Injected Screw Compressor (MSS Series 4kW - 75kW)


Asymmetric profile rotors: Mounted on high quality ball and roller bearings along with a high degree of sealing and fine tolerance guarantee.

Sturdy design: Suited best for Asia's tropical conditions

Horizontal design: Brings high efficiency & internal cooling

Controller with outstanding functions: Fault indication & reset function
User's Friendly

Easy Maintenance and Reliability
Regardless if you’re looking for a 4 kW or a 15 kW screw air compressor, you can rest assured that MARK screw compressors are reliable for increased productivity as well as easy to maintain, which means longer service intervals and reduced maintenance cost potential.

Explore Our Screw Air Compressors TODAY
Find the right size and right type of screw compressor below. Regardless if you’re looking for a tank mounted or a floor-mounted screw air compressor, MARK has the best-designed options for you. 

Our compressors are reliable and built using the best-in-class components, the compressors have a highly reliable system components deliver superior performance, ensuring optimum efficiency in your compressed air system

Our focus on technology and innovation offers unmatched performance and unparalleled reliability along with energy savings for you.

Our compressors are innovative, compact designs requiring no special foundation for installation. It can be easily and safely transported, small in size and perfectly fits most installation locations

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