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WisAir Oil Free Compressors


Integrated Inverter: Optimum zone control to optimize energy costs.
Forced cooling airflow over electronics and smooth start-up to guarantee a long lifetime.
More than 30% potential savings.

Direct drive set: IP55 induction motor directly coupled to the air end.
No long-term losses.
Direct drive train for optimum efficiency.
Flexible to meet pressure/flow requirements.

In-house designed elements: Highly efficient profile.
Corrosion-proof parts.
Hydrodynamic bearings.

Integrated dryer: Integrated into the package to reduce footprint, maintenance, and installation cost.
Designed to guarantee a constant pressure dew point of +3°C PDP.
All readings/control functions from one point.

Sound Insulated Canopy: Allows installation in most working environments without requiring a separate compressor room.

Radial Fan & Cooling System: The cooling turbine is installed in an easily accessible sound insulated cabinet.
Oversized cooler pack to enhance cooling performance
Maintaining a high cooling efficiency, the radial cooling turbine reduces energy consumption.

Oil-free Compressors
Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and textiles cannot risk any chance of oil contamination in their processes. Therefore, it is essential that the compressed air is 100% oil-free. The standard is ISO 8573-1 (2010) certification, in which Class Zero represents the highest air purity. It is the only way to ensure oil-free air for your critical processes and with it peace of mind. Outstanding reliability, low maintenance, and operating costs make oil-free compressors a sound investment.

State-Of-The-Art Installation
◆ Reduced installation costs:
No filter maintenance costs.
No pressure drop.
No condensate treatment.
No contamination.

◆ Reduced noise level even with multiple installations.
◆ Small footprint compared to a conventional installation.
◆ Single central control point for multiple units with an integrated sequencer or wall-mounted controller.

User Benefits
WIS 20-75V oil-free compressors provide high-quality compressed air for a range of industrial applications. The continuous investment in product development has resulted in both economical and ecological compressors. The range is built focusing on three pillars to make them stand out.

Oil-Free Quality Air
- Ultimate 100% oil-free, clean air.
- The integrated air dryer enhances the air quality and protects your air network against corrosion.

Energy Efficiency
- The most energy-efficient compression due to low air discharge temperatures, optimized rotor profiles, and no bearing losses.
- Integrated inverter technology assures a perfect match of air supply and air demand eliminating no-load power losses.
- Direct driven no loss drive train.
- Graphic, full-color screen controller with intelligent energy-saving features.

Ultimate Reliability
- Friction-free hydrodynamic bearings lubricated by clean, filtered lubricant.
- Durable materials to exclude any risk of corrosion.
- Reduced rotor stresses due to soft start-up process.

When Technology & Ecology Join Forces
The WIS 20-75V range combines the user benefits and compressor features that matter most. All integrated into one concept!

Premium performance
• Pressure rating up to 13 bar.
• Output from:
- 306 to 504 m3/h.
- 85 to 140 l/s.
- 180 to 296 cfm.
• Radial cooling fan (air-cooled versions only) and
sound-absorbing cabinet for premium cooling and noise

Premium efficiency
• Unique isotherm compression brings premium savings.
• Inverter-driven technology provides up to 35% energy savings.
• Limited pressure band results in an overall reduced net pressure (1 bar extra pressure = 7% energy).
• 3.5'' graphic full-color controller with web visualization and intelligent saver cycles.
• Friction-free air end bearings.
• Direct-driven power train to reduce energy losses.
• Built-in dryer to reduce downstream pressure drop.

Class 0: eliminating any risk Class 0 represents the best air quality possible. The WisAIR compressors are class zero certified, according to ISO 8573-1 class 0 Ed.3 2010 specifications, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers. Contamination by even the smallest quantities of
oil can cause costly production downtime and product spoilage, resulting in product recalls and loss of reputation.

Premium Quality
• ISO 8573-1 Class 0* certified quality air.
• Integrated dryer guaranteeing PDP < 3°C.
• Corrosion-proof materials: aluminum bronze rotor housing, stainless steel rotor shaft, piping and separator vessel.
• Smooth start-up with inverter-driven technology.
• Clean piping.


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